This “Privacy Policy” (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) governs the processing of personal data of users of games developed by Virtua Pirates Private Limited and the website

While we strive to provide an immersive gaming experience to our users, we also strive to honor the protection of your personal data. Hence, you are requested to invest a few moments to learn about our Policy to gain an insight on personal information being used and collected. If you have any query with regards to any Provision(s) mentioned in this Policy, you can send a mail to us at the following Email ID:

  1. Terms and Definitions:

1.1     For the purposes outlined in this Policy, the following terms and definitions have been used:

  1. Website: Website with domain name “”
  2. We (Virtua Pirates): Virtua Pirates Private Limited.
  3. You (User): Any individual who is utilizing any functional feature(s) pertaining to our Games and has reached the age of full legal capacity in accordance with the legislative laws pertaining to the citizenship of their country.
  4. Personal Data: It is any information that could enable direct or indirect identification of a user. (For e.g. The user’s name, address, online identifiers, etc).
  5. Data Processing: With respect to your personal data, this phrase may include at least one of the following: storage, modification, retrieval, disclosure, structuring, destruction or any other action.
  6. Games: Games developed and updated from time to time by Virtua Pirates Private Limited. The list highlighting these games can be found on the Website.

1.2     By using our Games, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information as outlined in this Policy.

1.3     We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal identification information to others. Virtua Pirates and all the third party sources within the Games that are responsible for serving advertisements, providing analytical insights, and such other services that cater to and shape your experience in our Games comply fully with the “Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act) and Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011”.  

2. Scope of the Policy:

2.1   This Policy governs any interaction between Virtua Pirates and users with regards to personal data when playing our Games.

2.2   This Policy neither governs nor determines the rights and obligations of third party sources present within our Games.

2.3   This Policy also does not apply to third-party applications or softwares that are available to users for integration with our Games. If you integrate any of these third-party applications or softwares with our Games, we may not be able to control how such applications process your data.

2.4   Please do not play our Games if you do not agree with the Provisions and Scope hereof.

3. Purpose and Means of Data Collection:

3.1  The purposes and means pertaining to users’ personal data collection shall be determined by the following legal entity:

Virtua Pirates Private Limited,
CIN: U72900UP2019PTC123432
Reg. Address: Plot No. – F8, Sagar Presidency,
Flat No. – 722, Sector-50, Noida,
Uttar Pradesh 201301, India

3.2  Personal data may be collected directly or indirectly:
a) Personal data are collected directly when you provide them voluntarily (For e.g. When a user registers in our Games);
b) Indirect collection of personal data may occur automatically when playing the Games or browsing through the website, including through cookies.

3.3  To the best extent permissible, we try to minimize data collection and mostly do so to either enable the user to engage with our Games or to improve the functionalities within our Games for a better user experience. The purposes associated with the data collection include:

  1. Personal Identification Information: We may collect personal public information from Users only if they voluntarily submit such information to us through our Services. Users can always refuse to supply personal information.
  2. Game Events: Session Start, Advertising, Player Spawning, etc;
  3. User Date (Non-Personal Identification Information): User device screen size, User device memory size, Geolocation, User Device Model, User Device ID, User Device operating system and its version, User Device Language, User Device Time Zone, User IDs, Device Advertising ID, User traffic source, etc; and
  4. Information about bugs, glitches and critical errors.

3.4  The information mentioned in Clause 3, Sub-Clause 3.3 [a), b), c), d)] shall be retained by us for a period of three years from the instance of last activity in our Games.

3.4  Subject to data anonymisation, your personal data may be used by Virtua Pirates for any other purposes.

3.5  We do not use automated decision-making tools (including profiling) in personal data processing. Automated decision-making tools primarily include those systems that process your personal data without human intervention to make decisions that may have potentially legal consequences.

3.6  Your personal data will be stored on the servers of our counterparties that we are using for operating our Games.

3.7  Our technical team at Virtua Pirates shall also take all necessary organizational, legal and technical measures available to us for protection of your personal data. Users of the Games shall also be responsible to the maximum possible extent for the provision of maintaining accurate account details, keeping passwords and any other information required for confidential authorisation and its protection from unauthorized access by third parties.

3.8  If your personal data are transferred to any third party, the storage time will be determined in accordance with the privacy policy of such a third party. We will do our best to inform them about the deletion of your personal data if necessary.

3.9  Any personal data collected and processed hereunder shall be properly protected unless:

  1. you consent to their disclosure;
  2. such personal data are anonymised; and
  3. such personal data are subject to disclosure under the applicable law.

3.10  We will do our best to keep your personal data protected. However, despite any possible measures taken on our part, we cannot guarantee full protection of the Games against information security risks.

4.  Transfer and Disclosure:

4.1  Third party sources present within our games may have access to your personal data. Virtua Pirates utilize the services of these sources in order to constantly improve our Games as well as provide the users an opportunity to use all of their functionality.

4.2  We may allow other third parties companies to serve advertisements in our Games, provide analytics services or other services for the User’s experience. These third party companies may also share this information with their customers and clients. This Policy does not apply to, and we are not responsible for, third-party cookies, web beacons, or other tracking technologies.

4.3  We use certain services that use the Internet to provide ads and generate statistics of the usage of our apps. These services may collect information such as the user’s age, location, language, device model and the version of Android. It is important to note that this information is kept in absolute secrecy. By installing our games, you agree with the terms of use of these services that we use. You can know the privacy policy of such services in the links below:

  1. Google Analytics:;
  2. Unity Analytics:;
  3. Google Play services:; and
  4. Admob:

4.4  To ensure the provision of our services, your personal data may also be transferred to a legal entity created after reorganization of Virtua Pirates should it be necessary.

4.5  Please note that the disclosure of your personal data may be required in accordance with the law and judicial procedures or at the request of public bodies of the country of your stay or other countries. Your personal data will be disclosed if it is necessary for the purposes of national security, law enforcement, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of Virtua Pirates and third parties or for other substantial public interest purposes.

5.  Personal Data pertaining to children:

5.1  To the extent to which it is not prohibited by the applicable law, we do not authorize the use of our Services by individuals who have not reached the age of full legal capacity in accordance with the legislative laws pertaining to the citizenship in their country. We do not collect and process (at least knowingly) their personal data without the consent of their legal representatives.

6.  Users’ Rights:

6.1  The rights of users pertaining to the collection and processing of personal data shall be determined in accordance with the applicable law.

6.2  Your rights with respect to the collection and processing of personal data may be determined in accordance with applicable data protection law. In accordance with applicable data protection law you may access, change and/or make additions to, delete, restrict processing and migration of, object to or withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data as well as opt-in/opt-out and lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority.

6.3  To exercise any of your rights above and any other rights guaranteed to you by applicable law and if you have any related questions, write to:

For issues related to your personal data please contact:

6.4  Virtua Pirates reserves the right to verify your identity before exercising any rights at your request. In case we are not able to exercise any of your rights or provide any information, we will also explain the reasons to you.

7. Permissions sought from Virtua Pirates:

7.1 Certain permissions are required for our games to run. Such permissions along with the associated
purposes are mentioned hereunder:

  1. In-App Purchases: The transactions shall be facilitated through different app platform payment portals (based on the app platform you used to download the game);
  2. Test Access to Protected Storage: Used to save, change, and delete game data;
  3. Prevent device from sleeping: Used to prevent the Android lock screen from inactivity;
  4. Control vibration: Used in our games to control device vibration for implementing special haptic effects in our games; and
  5. Full network access, View network connections and Read Google service configuration: Used to provide ads and generate statistical data.

8.  Miscellaneous Provisions:

8.1  This Policy may be amended and (or) modified at any time of the services’ operations. In this case, a notice with information about the changes accompanied by the new version of the Policy and date of its adoption will be published in the Games. The User of the Services must read and acknowledge the new version hereof.

8.2  The Policy is an agreement between us and the User about your engagement with our Games. Any other pre-existing written or oral agreements or arrangements with respect to such engagement are hereby canceled.

8.3  If any provision hereof is invalid or unenforceable, other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

8.4  Failure to enforce your strict compliance herewith cannot be construed as our waiver of any provision hereof or any right hereunder.

9.  Acceptance of the terms:

By playing our Games, you agree to the terms of this policy. If you do not accept the terms in this policy, please do not engage with any of our portfolio Games. The continued use of our products after any amendment of this privacy policy will be deemed your acceptance of the changes and/or new terms.